The Band est. 2014

Sanna - Vocals and Violin

Voice, Violin


Yves - Vocals and Guitar

Guitar, Voice


Stef - Drummer



Mark - Bass



We're four friends that found together in 2014 in the greater area of Zurich, Switzerland. After switching rehearsal rooms three times, we are currently located in Russikon. This is where we record and produce our songs.

Aby's Dice is - for the lack of a better word - an Alternative Rock Band. The music each of us listens to varies from Alternative Rock to Trip Hop or from Metal to Irish Folk. We pick elements regardless of the genre to define our music.

In its core, our songs contain a violin, melodic vocals, distorted guitars, bass and drums. But those technical terms actually say nothing about us. For us, Aby's Dice is pure emotion.

Distorted melancholia.