Thank you, Sahara!

What a night! Musikfestwochen Winterthur, Friday night, 33° celcius, FULL HOUSE and an absolutely wild crowd! Thanks to everyone who found their way into this wonderful oase - it was a phantastic night, an undescribable atmosphere and a very special, excellent mood! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget that night!

Special thanks to the whole sahara crew, you guys are amazing! And of course to Simi, without you, there would not have been any sound! :)

All. Recordings. Done.

We just finished recording everything for our upcoming debut album! Next step is the mixing and mastering, but in the meantime, we cant wait to play the new stuff live. And there are not one but two opportunities coming very soon!

It is a great honour for us to open up the

Winterthurer Musikfestwochen 2019

weekend bar gig at the
Sahara Bar on
Friday, August 09, 2019 22:00
Untere Kirchgasse 2
8400 Winterthur

We are thrilled to be a part of the Musikfestwochen and cant wait to see you there (free entry!)

The second gig will be just one day after at the

Sommerbühne Badi Schmerikon on
Saturday, August 10, 2019 20:30
Aabachstrasse 14
8716 Schmerikon

We play right at sunset at a beautiful panorama, together with our friends from Asceal. Thank you guys for making this happen!

Let the recording begin!

We prepared everything and are finally ready to start the recording of our new album! Beginning next week, the first songs will be recorded - stay tuned!


What a gig, what an atmosphere! Thanks to every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing gig. You are crazy people!

This was our first show since a long break. Not less than three band babys were born in this time, schools had to be finished, jobs to be changed, houses to be moved. While technically far from perfect, this gig showed us why we're doing all of this. Its about the music, the feeling, the fun. This is us.

Special Thanks to our friends from LANDFALL for rocking the show, hope to see you guys soon! Special thanks also to the whole crew of the Club Industrie! You are great people, the risotto was delicious and we hope you keep fighting for your oasis of alternative clubbing and keep organizing such amazing shows!

Live at Industrie, March 2019

December 2018

live@Industrie Announcement

We're thrilled to announce our next concert. We will be performing at Industrie Wädenswil, together with Landfall. See you there!

Saturday, 30.03.2019, 19:30
Club Industrie
Seestrasse 90
8820 Wädenswil

Flyer Industrie

December 2018

Working on an album

Hi there, it has been a very long time ago!

This year went down crazy fast! There was so much going on, we all had our very own, private, time consuming tasks (like, you know, finishing school, starting new jobs, moving houses, three (!) new band babies ;-) etc.)

BUT: Besides this all, we are in the middle of a creative process and are writing many new songs, and it looks like we finally can make it happen in 2019 when we will release our debut album!

More to come - stay tuned!

New Album Coming 2019

March 2018

Zurich - Ebrietas 2018

Thanks to everyone who found their way into the blistering cold Zurich and its heart - Ebrietas! It was a nice evening with music and little surprise for our birthday child :)

Here is a little video from the evening where we're performing Reach My Hand, one of our newest Songs, Live in Ebrietas!

January 2018

🤘 Live@Ebrietas 2018 announcement

Live at Ebrietas February 28, 2018

Happy new year - happy new concert announcement! After last years success, we are proud to announce that we will be playing at the Ebrietas Bar again and welcome you all to 2018!

The Ebrietas Bar is in the heart of Zurich and they offer a decent selection of beer to fair conditions - and awesome music 😎 See you there!

Wednesday, 28.02.2018 19:30
Zaehringerstrasse 39
8001 Zürich

November 2017


A Song made with Love. And Pain.

Get it on iTunes listen on Spotify Get it on Google Play

We used the vibe of autumn to record our latest song Fuzzy. The song and its video has been recorded, produced, mastered filmed and edited by ourselves in our rehearsal room.

October 2017

Hello Autumn - oh yeah!

Just as if we had ordered, autumn came to Uster. The temperature decreased massively and rain started to show up on that famous friday.

It was another awesome, unforgettable night (pictures). At the beginning, El Rey started the evening with their precice firework of stoner rock and they fired up the crowd. We complemented the evening by adding that mystic, melancholic, distorted touch. And on this night especially, you could feel it in the air.

Hello Autumn Event Impressions

Thanks to El Rey and to every single person that found their way into the gRaum, we really enjoyed that night!

Special thanks to Rolf, Gabriele and the whole gRaum crew! You are incredible people. You change things. It is your passion and your effort that makes Uster a more cultural place. See you at H2U OpenAir Uster!

September 2017

Hello Autumn - Live @ Uster Announcement

Temperatures sink, colors fade, rain falls - We salute you, autumm!

In association with the H2U OpenAir Uster, we're organising an alternative rock night supported by our friends from El Rey. Join us for a melancholic ride where we play right in the heart of Uster, Zürich. See you there!

Friday, October 6, 19:30

Live in concert
Aby's Dice
El Rey

gRaum Uster

Flyer gRaum Hello Autumn Event

August 2017

Openair Seuzach 2017

We had a great time in Seuzach, even tough we could only play 30 mins due to some delays. Check out the pictures!

Openair Seuzach 2017

July 2017

Openair Seuzach 2017 Announcement

We will be playing on the premiere of the Openair Seuzach. Our timeslot is 22:00 - 22:45. Our friends from El Rey will be there too - see you soon!

26.08.2017 22:00
Openair Seuzach
8472 Seuzach

Flyer Openair Seuzach 2017

June 2017

Irina leaves

Irina decided to step back and is now looking forward for a new opportunity in a metal band. Thank you very much for the last three years, you will be missed!

We continue as a quartet and try to sharpen our music with our existing instruments. There will still be a violin around, but things will be a little bit different...stay tuned!

May 2017

Rehearsal Room N° 3

We were looking for a rehearsal room that is a little bit more reachable for all of us. After almost a year of searching, we found a great room in Russikon, Zurich, that was already very well and carefully prepared for bands, and it sounds awesome!

May 12, 2017

Adliswil on fire!

What a gig (click for pictures)! So many people found their way to Adliswil, the Cave was completely full - thank you so much for all your support, such great fans, so great feedback! We are really happy and had another good show. Special thanks to the very kind Germinal crew!

El Rey showed the world that they really, REALLY ROCK the sh#t out of Cave Germinal! :-)
Thank you for being able to support you, you're great guys, you play phenomenal - See ya soon!

March 2017

Live @ Cave Germinal with El Rey

We have the honor to support the great EL REY @ Cave Germinal Adliswil!
Two rock bands for free - dont miss!

Cave Germinal
Soodring 36
8134 Adliswil

Abysdice and El Rey LIVE at Cave Germinal Adliswil

February 2017

Great Fans, new Video, new Songs

Abysdice Live in Ebrietas, February 9, 2017

2017 started amazing, thank you all for an awesome gig in Ebrietas Zurich! (click for pictures)

This Is Not Me - New Video!

But that is not everything, in the winter holidays, we made a video for our new Song This Is Not Me. The video was recorded Live in our band bunker. The vocals and the guitars have been re-recorded to make it sound fatter. Watch it here:

In Your Face - New Song!

Last but not least, we also recorded a new Song called In Your Face - a kinda celtic-sounding, violin-lasting song that hopfeully gets in your face, especially in your ears and from there directly in your heart! Check it out:

December 2016

Live @ Ebrietas Zürich 09. Feb. 2017

We will be performing live in Ebrietas Zurich!

Live at Ebrietas February 9, 2017

September 2016

Stef - Welcome to the family!

Stef - our new drummer

After several jam sessions with many drummers in our new band bunker, we finally found the perfect match - Stefan. His dynamic and powerful style fits perfectly to our sound and we immediately felt familiar, like if it has always been like that.

Stef has already plenty of live experience with his Ska band "Les bon Vivants". And while he is living his bright side with them, his dark side is rumbling Aby...

August 2016

New premises

We are overwhelmed by the many drummers out there around Zurich! We're inviting them to play with us, and we do this in our new band bunker.
Thanks to Sanna, we could move into a great room in Embrach, Zurich.

New bunker

July 2016

Beni leaves

Our drummer has decided to step back and to make place for a new drummer. We wish him all the best for his future plans.

March 2016

Two new Songs

We used christmas time to record two more songs:

They were both recorded in our band room and edited by ourselves. There are more and more ideas coming, and while new songs are growing we try to record more of them. Stay tuned!

December 2015

Maternity Leave - reloaded

Maternity Leave

Just after Irina went back from her maternity leave, Sannas took her place.

She is now enjoying her well deserved maternity leave while the rest of us keep the heat in the band room. There is a lot going on and many new ideas stay in the pipeline ready to get polished when she is back.

September 2015

Intro - the video

Its all about the music. This video captures just that. We love what we do, and we do it with greatest passion. This video shows nothing else than that, snippets from several jam sessions and moments from our first concert.

August 2015

Intro - our second song

One of the most important parts of a concert is its beginning. It paves the way, frees the minds and ears of all the listeners.

This intro resembles our emotions, recorded right trough our instruments. This is, how a concert should start. With pure emotions.

May 2015

Our first Concert!

Faster than expected, we will have our first concert this summer. It is a small 30min gig at a fun soccer tournament in Hittnau, Grümpi Hittnau. Irina is joining too, even tough she is still enjoying her maternity leave.

Save the date: Saturday, 04.07.2015 - 20:00 - Hittnau

April 2015

Our first video!

Wake Up!
After consequent jamming, we composed about 10 songs in just 5 months. And the first one is now available! We recorded the audio and video of Wake Up live during a jam session, except the part of Irina.
She is enjoing her deserved maternity leave and we recorded the violin some weeks before. You can watch the video on YouTube, listen to the Song on SoundCloud, and find out more about the song here!

September 2014

Sorry we are full now

No we don't do covers. Blues? Erm.... Nope? Why do all those bass players out there want to play Blues? Finding a bass player was the hardest part 'till now. It seems like rock is not only dead in people's heads, but also in musician's bass fingers. That said, we are even more proud to announce the perfect complement: Mark.

Even though he's playing the bass now, Mark played the guitar for decades. His incredible knowledge and his passion for the same kind of music paves our way to the future. Full throttle!

Full throttle

June 2014

Aby's Dice

We are Abys Dice

A band needs a name. We are Aby's Dice.
2kg of it. Wasabi Ice Cream, to be precise.
Ask Oli S. (and thank you by the way!).

May 2014

The Voice

It is the most important part in a band. And yet just after two singers found the way to our bunker, it was absolutely clear that we found the perfect voice: Sanna.
What a Lucky shot!

And it does not stop here: What is better than a violin in a band? Two violins! With her celtic influence, she is shaping our music in it's core.

April 2014

Violins and distortion pedals


Playing with only one guitar and a drum leaves room for more (even tough it is super easy to mix and very cool playing in pairs). Why using a second guitar when we can use a violin? Irina was the first girl we invited and it was immediately clear that this is the way to go.
Irina also made it clear that having a violin in a band does not automatically mean "opera rock"ish music. Bringing not only her violin and a real bastard of distortion pedal, she also gives us a great portion of multi culture and widens our horizons with her pure sibirian roots.

November 2013

The beginning

OK so you have four guitars, three amps, several pedals and many other things that look like band stuff at home. What now? You either give it another try or you just leave it and get rid of everything. Hmm yeah what the heck, let's do it.

It was the first jam session that definitively led the way to this project. So let's prepare the next step.

The beginning